What people say about us!!

These ladies are compassionate, dedicated, and well organized. They respond quickly to the needs of their neighbors.

Since October 11, 2007, they are devoted to their community providing support for those in need. They have worked closely with other community groups including Foothills Food Bank, St Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, and NAAAP.

The group started out small, but has blossomed over the years. I like to say, I planted the seeds and Janet Langdon made them blossom. It is an honor to see the roots are deep and the group is continuously finding more creative ways to serve their community.

Bernice Volinsky, AGC Founder and Former Co-chair


We thank all the members of the Anthem Giving Circle for their contributions and dedication to the Foothills Foodbank in Black Canyon City. Your contributions throughout the years are nothing short of wonderful from volunteering at the foodbank to your monthly donations. Your collective work as a group helps us think outside of ourselves and work for the greater good of all.

Kim Basile, Nancy Weiderhold, Black Canyon City Foodbank
Anthem Giving Circle has been a faithful benefactor since 2011. The assistance they have provided to the Anthem community has enriched both our neighbors (clients) and the volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul.

This year alone, Anthem Giving Circle has provided financially $10,300 to our community.

The range of assistance provided to families include –
Having a truck repaired so the father can go to work.
Helping a Grandson and Grandmother with rent since the Grandson lost his job when he was in the service industry hit by COVID-19.
Helped an Anthem resident, who is partially paralyzed, with prescriptions and cell phone bill.
Assisted in helping to pay down residents utility bills.
Helped a disabled person who lost her job due to COVID, who needed help to pay her rent.
Assisted a woman who’s husband has been in the hospital with COVID and needed rent assistance for her and her four children.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful organization for the past nine years.

Jean Renn, President St. Rose Conference
Date: 10-19-2020
On behalf of Canyon Springs Stem Academy I would like to thank all of those associated with the Anthem Giving Circle. This charitable organization has consistently provided a solid foundation of support for those in need year after year. They have not only extended a helping hand in a moment of need, but provided a guiding light for many of our families in their darkest hour of tragedy and despair. In all honestly I have not encountered a community group of individuals and businesses that have so willingly and selflessly served their community. As a resident of Anthem, and one of our district’s School Nurses, it fills me with great pride to know and that our community has come together to support, care for and watch over each other.

Thank you for you continued support.

David Goettl RN, BSN, Canyon Spring STEM Academy Health Office
A wonderful charity event of friendship, hors d’oeuvres, libations, and shopping for a new purse or maybe two or three! The best part is knowing that your new purse benefits those in need in our community! Hats off to The Anthem Giving Circle!
Mary F Dill, Long Time AGC Supporter