My name is Jessica Acosta. I live in Anthem with my husband Tony and have raised two children here – one from kindergarten and the other from birth. I joined Anthem Giving Circle in January 2021 after first hearing about it in the Images Arizona magazine highlighting the Purses for a Purpose event. I have lived in Anthem since 2003 and was shocked I had not heard of the group sooner! I thought…”I love purses, spending money, and giving to and helping others…I want to be a part of this!” I’m so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful, generous circle of ladies who are dedicated to the betterment of our community by helping our neighbors.

I heard about the charity from the co-founders who were great ambassadors and role models. There were only about 8 members at the time. We pooled our resources and time by hosting small fundraisers, taking part in local charity events and giving a monthly donation equal to the cost of a lunch with friends. We had fun by helping many neighbors in need

I’m a new member this year and have been so amazed at the work the Anthem Giving Circle does throughout the year in our local community. So far this year we’ve provided people in need with the basic necessities of life: food, rent assistance, and clothing. And through the “Fill the Cup” program, we’ve collected much needed underwear for homeless women and men. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we worked at the Black Mountain Food Bank preparing bags for Thanksgiving, and Christmas meals. Through the Christmas “Adopt-a-Family” program, and St. Mary’s Food Bank we’ve provided gifts and gift cards for these families. Another program provides assistance to local schools for students in need, as well as scholarships to others. “Purses for a Purpose” is the main fundraiser and signature event of Anthem Giving Circle which funds their charity work for the coming year. It has been a very rewarding year working in these ways with these ladies to help people in our community. 

When we first purchased in Anthem, two of our neighbors were very involved in the Anthem Giving Circle. Their enthusiastic commitment to local causes and their generous community mindedness were contagious. I knew that once we settled here seasonally, I would make that same commitment. In the past three years, I have found a benevolent sisterhood of service within the AGC. It is very fulfilling to get behind such a great cause that lifts so many lives!

Thank you for checking out the Anthem Giving Circle (AGC) website! I’ve been an active member of AGC since 2014 – it was one of the first organizations I joined when our family moved from South Dakota to Arizona.

Simply put, AGC’s focus is helping those who need a lift from their neighbor. For those who know me, doing things to support neighbors is my calling (Matthew 22:37-40)! A majority of the money AGC raises goes to help families catch up on bills after they’ve experienced job loss or a health crisis (we work directly with SVdP). AGC also partners with schools and the local foodbank to provide support. Not to mention all of the bras we’ve collected for homeless women and the hygiene supplies we collect for community distribution.

I’ve always been so impressed with what a small group of dedicated and generous women can do to impact a community! Thank you for helping AGC continue its important mission during these uncertain times.

While attending the Purses for a Purpose event two years ago, I had the opportunity to talk with several members of the Anthem Giving Circle about their organization. I really liked that their focus was local, and that a relatively small group of women could make such a big and positive impact in our community. Since joining AGC, I have seen firsthand the selfless dedication and commitment of our members to help our neighbors in need. It is a privilege to be able to give back to my community.

I am Nancy Hutchison. I moved to Anthem Country Club in 2009. A dear friend of mine introduced me to Anthem Giving Circle. She explained the mission of helping those in need in our area and shared the one fund raiser the group did. I attended a coffee and met other new members and slowly started to get involved. I participated in serving a meal at St Vincent De Paul and then was helpful in collecting bras for women in need at their facility, as they cannot use $$donations to purchase them. Our Purses with a Purpose charity event is quite something and “many hands make light work.” While working together on preparations and the Purse Event itself, I have succeeded in finding women who truly care. I would encourage anyone who seeks a charity where the proceeds stay local and help the school children and residents in need, to seek out one of our members and come join in the work. You will be rewarded.

Over the past 10 years I have always looked forward to Purses for a Purpose events. I was amazed at how hard these ladies were working and how much enjoyment they seemed to have doing it. The money they raised was astonishing and the helping hand they were able to provide for so many of our neighbors and school children was exactly why I wanted to become involved.

I joined a couple of years ago and I’m so glad I did. It feels so rewarding to not only be a small part of an organization that helps so many of our neighbors, but also to be working with so many wonderful women.

After moving from Philadelphia to Anthem, it became clearer every day what an incredible community we now call home.  But just as anywhere, people have “life” happen to them and find themselves needing a little help and I wanted to find a way to do so.  I was introduced to Anthem Giving Circle and was impressed with how committed and highly effective this mighty group of women are and how impactful they have been.  It is a pleasure to be a part of this team!

I was born and raised in San Francisco and lived in the Bay Area until 2018.  After retiring from a 38 year career in real estate/property management, my husband Kirk and I sold our home in California and moved to Anthem permanently in 2018. We had purchased our Anthem home in 2012 anticipating retirement here.  After almost 28 years in the semiconductor industry, Kirk continues to work from home while working for a prominent Silicon Valley company.
After living in Anthem for more than three years now and continuing to care part time for my elderly mother here, I decided I had to make room in my schedule to give back to the community.  I started that journey by joining The Wednesday Club (TWC) in order to get to know other members of the Anthem Country Club.  In October 2021, after hearing a presentation by Diane Steenman (Director of the Anthem Giving Circle [AGC]) at a TWC luncheon, I approached Diane and we made arrangements to meet in person to discuss an overview of the inner workings of AGC.  After meeting with Diane, I joined the group in November 2021.  I am now ready to help the community in which I live.  I am looking forward to it!
I joined The Anthem Giving Circle because I wanted to belong to a group that has an impact on the needs of the community. The AGC is comprised of an amazing and talented group of women who contribute their time, energy and money to helping those in need in Anthem. Belonging to the group has been a wonderful journey.

The concept behind Anthem Giving Circle is that its members give their time, energy, and donations in order to help fill the needs of families in our community. Our fundraising efforts allow us to support our local schools, provide scholarships to high school students, participate in Adopt A Family during the holidays, and most importantly help Anthem families with rent and utility payments during hard times. We also donate monthly to two food banks as well as help pack food boxes. The heart and unselfishness of our members is unbelievable, and we enjoy seeing the results locally.

My husband and I moved to Anthem in 2010. We enjoyed our life here very much. He became sick in 2014 and passed away in May of 2015. In need of a change, I sold my home and purchased a home in the Club. I attended two purse raffles and enjoyed them. When I was approached about joining, after much consideration I decided it was a wonderful cause and joined. I’ve been a member for a year. I enjoy working with the ladies and especially enjoy being a part of a giving organization. The Purse raffle enables us to help meet those needs.

Sarah Omer – Has been a member over ten years and has served as Chair of AGC for several years, worked on the ByLaw Committee, Chaired the Annual Purses for a Purpose Event, and was chair of the Decoration Committee for Purses for several years. AGC is a great group of women who care about others and their community. They are hard working every year in the Purses Event, Fill the Cup, and whatever the community needs. One of the things I like most about the group is that each of the members vote on how we donate our monies to help those in need. I feel honored to be associated with this group.

I have been a member of Anthem Giving Circle since November of 2017. I enjoy volunteering, so I joined the group because I had some friends who were in it and they were always so positive about the good works of AGC. I also wanted to meet some new people. I love that AGC has a very positive impact to the community in which I live. AGC is a relatively small group of caring, dynamic women who get the job done! I am proud of our group of ladies, and the good we do for our community!

Last year Nancy Hutchinson invited me to the Purses for a Purpose event and I was hooked from there. In 2020 I joined and became a member. The AGC members actively providing support to our community. “Serving the Community” is in our hearts and demonstrated through our programs. Anthem Giving Circle gives me an opportunity to give back!

I moved to Anthem from the Chicago area in 2018 where I was involved in community outreach. Soon after arriving in Arizona, I was invited to a coffee meeting with the Anthem Giving Circle. From the moment I walked into this welcome coffee I was amazed by the hearts of these women. Their passion for helping our community is contagious and I knew immediately it would be a great fit. Not only do these women support each other in friendship but we use our hearts as one in service. With AGC, we are able to give others a hand up in life, but ultimately this work is a heart lift for us.

We are a small but mighty group and I am honored to be a part of their sisterhood.

One of my life dreams was to find a community where an individual could make immediate impact in helping others.  I joined Anthem Giving Circle and found exactly what I wanted. To be able to give back to the community, to people really in need – and make a difference – is what drew me to AGC.  To be able to help families and school children in Anthem is what makes Anthem Giving Circle so special.  Along the way I have also met some amazing women who have taught me so much. Working together, learning from each other, helping others – I am so thankful for all of it.

I joined AGC 13 years ago. I have been blessed in my life so I was looking for an organization that I could join and give back. I am very proud of our accomplishments. AGC has given back to so many people and other charities such as St Vincent DePaul.